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Ohio Hop Vines

The Ohio Hop Growers Guild Mission

The mission of the Ohio Hop Growers Guild is to unify, grow , educate and protect the Ohio hops growing community, to increase sales of Ohio grown hops through promotions, marketing, public and industry awareness, and to monitor and assure a sustainable hops industry within the state of Ohio.

OHGG Officers


Jenny Napier

Dan Hoy

John Schaeffer

Shawn Richards

Brady Kirwan

Derek Thompson

Amy Berridge

Krista and Jamie Arthur

Brad Bergefurd

Dave Volkman

Ohio Hops

About the Ohio Hop Growers Guild

The Ohio Hop Growers Guild (OHGG) is a growing group of over 70 current or future independent hop growers across the state of Ohio. We began considering formation in the summer of 2014, after a number of us had met several times at Ohio State University sponsored hop growing events, and agreed that we could benefit from a more formal organizational structure. Thus, the idea of a growers' guild was born in order to expand our networking, both internally and externally; to agree on common quality standards and assurance; to share information, training, and education; to jointly advocate for and market our product; and improve access to resources and cut costs; with one crosscutting theme: quality.

Our members currently have over 50,000 hop plants under cultivation, with over 30 varieties. In the past year, over 70 craft brewers brewed with Ohio grown hops.

Ohio Hop Growers