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The mission of the Ohio Hop Growers Guild is to unify, grow , educate and protect the Ohio hops growing community. When you're a member of the guild, you have access to valuable resources that include both educational and business.

Our Value Proposition to our members

By joining with other Ohio hop growers, you open up a network of fellow growers with all their experience, contacts, knowledge and camaraderie, as well as with suppliers and brewers.

Quality standards and assurance.
Brewers are concerned with hop quality and safety. The OHGG has a quality standard they developed in coordination with Ohio's craft brewers that if met by a grower, assures brewers that their hops meet or exceed industry and legal benchmarks of cultivation, safety and processing and allows you to market using the OHGG Hop Quality Seal. See the standards here.
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The Guild provides training events and mentorship to growers and other interested groups, both independently and in coordination with the Ohio State University's Hops Research program to improve all growers' knowledge and skills.

Advocacy/Marketing services.
The Guild has presented at the Ohio Craft Brewers Association annual meeting to promote local sourcing of hops. Member's contact info is provided to brewers directly, and through this website, making it easier for brewers to find you.

Access to resources.
A hop yard is not cheap to build, and there are substantial operating costs every year. Harvest and processing machinery is not cheap, or even needed by every farm. Membership gives you access to bulk purchases of everything from poles, cabling and rhizomes to pesticides and coir, as well as access to fellow members who own harvesting and processing equipment.

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