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Why use Ohio hops?


We are the first state growers association outside of the Pacific Northwest to adopt a comprehensive set of quality standards. All our members are encouraged to meet these rigorous standards that provide you with assurance that the grower is meeting or exceeding industry best practices, food safety and environmental law. See the standards here >>


-One of the many great things about the craft beer industry in the US is the local culture that breweries cultivate. Local ingredients can help cultivate this culture as well as set you apart from national or regional brewers.
-Terroir. We are not in the PNW; our soil, microclimate, and weather is different. Therefore the range of flavors you can 'play' with by using local hops becomes much wider.


-Ohio hops are close to your brewhouse. You can brew within hours of our growers harvesting and processing fresh, dried, or pelletized hops.
-As you know, this freshness helps maintain oil and acid levels at a higher quality and helps preserve varietal flavor characteristics.

Transparent and Responsive

-We are close by and our doors are always open.
-You are invited to visit and inspect operations, records, and learn more about specific varietals and their unique terroir.

Environmentally Responsible

-Our proximity to your brewhouse makes for a smaller carbon footprint in getting you the hops you want and need.
-Our growers use Integrated Pest Management and sustainable agriculture practices, minimizing the impact on our environment.

Use the map controls to zoom in or out, and you can drag the map to any part of the state.
Click on a farm pin to see contact info, and hop varieties and numbers grown.