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Local: Ohio hops have a unique terroir based on the soil and microclimate of each hopyard, giving beers brewed with them a subtle distinction from those brewed with industrially grown hops from the Northwest. Locally grown is appealing to the many locavores who drink your beer. And you are helping to support our local economy.

Fresh: Ohio hops can be delivered to you within hours of processing as either fresh hops, dried or pelletized (yes, there are several pelletizers exclusively used for hops located in the state!) This maintains high quality levels of the oils and acids characteristic of each variety, giving brews a richer, more flavorful beer.

Transparent/responsive: Ohio growers are personally available to you. Our operations and records are open to your inspection. We welcome your visit any time during the growing season so that you can inspect the progress of the hop cones, and even help determine when they are ready for you. You can even help pick hops if you want!

Environmentally responsible: Needless to say, there is a much smaller carbon footprint from our hopyard to your brewery than there is from Yakima. Most of our growers use Integrated Pest Management and sustainable agriculture practices.

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